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A summary of my weekend at Renfest.

I dunno bout you, but when I get my Elsa cosplay done, I’ll sing to EVERY Little kid that asks, and blow glitter at them to “freeze” things. Then again, I’m an attention hog, and stuff like that makes me all happy on the inside.

I felt that way too when i first started, but this weekend when I wore it, I had so many… just rude kids. Demanding. All trying to get me to PROVE I was Elsa. It was… odd. I was not prepared for it. They kept demanding me to do everything almost as if I was a monkey at a zoo taught to do tricks. Thankfully, kids were MUCH much nicer the day after, but dang, it was weirdly overwhelming the previous day.

ALSO, I discover light blue gator-aid powder makes the best looking frost effect. It’s a little easier on the ground than glitter and sparkles. <3 I wish you luck on your Elsa, though! <3 It really is a blast. You’re just gonna have a few rude ones ever now and then. 

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